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Nostalgia Funny Car Chassis
Have JD2 build a new chassis for your nostalgia funny car
Don't use an old beat up outdated chassis that may not pass chassis certification. Be safe, build a new chassis!

Watch JD2 Install a Nostalgia Funny Car Body

JD2 has completed the conversion of our Prowler to a C3 Corvette Nostalgia Funny Car.
Nostalgia Vette Funny Car

2008 Event Action Photos
See How We Did It!

Nostalgia Funny Car Chassis
Designed for a long nose body

Nostalgia Funny Car Chassis
Designed for a short nose body
125" or 120" wheelbase

We install funny car bodies and tin work

What does your chassis guy drive?
Have your next race chassis built at JD2!!!!

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